LBZF 2015 Workshops: Bad Bitches and More Than a Feeling

Here are two more discussion workshops that will be happening at Long Beach Zine Fest 2015, curated by Brodie Hubbard.

BAD BITCHES is a workshop that seeks to empower gender marginalized people of color. BAD BITCHES aims to create a movement based on resisting assimilation within leftist culture and mainstream culture and rewrite radical collective history, together.

Nyky Gomez (Brown Recluse Zine Distro, “Skinned Heart” zine) and Ari Perezdiez (“MAXIMUMROCKNROLL,” “La Bola de Cristal”) will facilitate this workshop and roundtable discussion for women, trans*, and queer people of color.

MORE THAN A FEELING – Why Perzines Are More Than Just Photocopied Journals: Jessie Lynn McMains (Reckless Chants) presents this discussion on how to translate everything from little everyday moments to big life-changing events into entertaining and expressive storytelling.

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