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LBZF 2015 Featured Zinester: Julius Tanag

Name: Julius Tanag
Zine: “Sofa King”
Instagram: @juliustanag


1. What kind of zines do you make?

Collections of my hand lettered art and photography intermingled.

2. What do you like about making zines?

The tangible-ness. With all the internet sharing, it’s nice to hold actual, printed art.

3. What are your zines about?

A lot of things really. Sometimes silly ideas, and sometimes “angst-y” frustrations. I use lettering as an easy means to express and vent. The photography is a gritty look into society’s complexities regarding antidisestablishmentarianism. Just kidding, they’re just photos I took ’cause I felt like it.

4. Besides zines, what else are you passionate about?

Espresso and early seasons of Bob’s Burgers. Maybe other things.

5. What advice would you give a new zinester?

When printing, do a couple tests to make sure you’re getting the “double-sided-ness” just right! When you got it down, use that fancy colored paper. Also, maybe consider using a thicker paper for your cover for added effect?

6. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had making zines?

Honestly, not much yet. That’s kind of the appeal to making zines, there’s nothing really too hard about it. You just got to do it!

7. Where do you look for your inspiration?

For lettering: my own stupid thoughts, silly things friends say, and some gods/goddesses of typography I creep on the internet. For photography: the¬†quotidian. I mean, what else right? Life’s beautiful, yo.



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