Welt Fanzine


A funky, mash-up fanzine for like-minded folk. Favorite art, music, film, poetry, surrealism, existentialism...all things good and all things that matter. The fanzine also contains a deep look into our history and what can be learned or unlearned from it. Welt will challenge, confront, question, and provoke responses from its readers.

  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
What methods do you use to make your zine?
  • Photocopying
What type of binding do you use for your zine(s)?
  • Folded
  • Stapled
When did you start making zines ... and why?

I started two years ago as a creative outlet and distraction from the heavy daily workload. The concept had been floating around for awhile and I spent years reading zines. This collection of Welt zines is a mash up of all favorites and blends fact and fiction and the surreal.

What is your favorite part of making zines?

It's the hunting and gathering of content from all areas of life. I can mash-up favorites and include original poetry, photography, and anecdotal essays with concepts for bands and art. Hunting for images that match the narratives is another fun hunt I like to go on each issue. All content is pulled together from many directions.

Is there anything else you want people know about you or your zines?

It's fun, fast, and for real. It's a great homage to the early 80s but blends modern flavor, too. There is no way not to find the zine interesting and entertaining. If you read between the lines you'll see where the influences come from and learn more than just pop culture from each issue.

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