The Art of Avy Jetter


Avy Jetter lives and works in Oakland ca. and is currently organizing community events and zine fests when she isn’t drawing monsters, weirdos or just regular folks. She writes, draws and self publishes the comic book Nuthin Good Ever Happens at 4 a.m. and is an avid horror and gore movie fan. The comic book series is about a zombie outbreak that happens in Oakland ca. Her latest zines are more personal and speak to Black Girl “rights of passage” about doing Black hair and experiences with racial bias and microgressions. You can find her daily sketch drawings on Instagram and Youtube with the username Nuthingoodat4.




Other social media:

  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
What methods do you use to make your zine?
  • Handwritten/drawn
  • Photocopying
What type of binding do you use for your zine(s)?
  • Folded
  • Stapled
  • Saddlestitched
When did you start making zines ... and why?

I started making zines in spring 2012 because I'd always wanted to table at San Francisco zine fest. My coworker at the time made an online comic and with encouragement from her I decided to make a traditional paper comic. Out of pure ignorance I decided to make a comic in March with the zinefest happening in September. I worked myself nearly to death making the comic so that I could table at SF zinefest. I was inspired by my coworker and the idea of joining a community of comics and zine makers.

How do you feel that are zines important in terms of independent media and publishing?

There is no better time than now to make as many diverse and creative voices heard, especially voices that are traditionally marginalized or shouted down like Black and Brown, Queer or trans folks. In a climate where people seem to value things and money over human life it's super important to get out stories from unique points of view. I don't trust mainstream media to tell my story and who better to tell my story than myself. Indie publishing gives artists and creatives license to show an unfiltered representation of their vision both artistically and personally.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

My advice to someone who wants to start making zines is to just do it. Even if it's just a few pages. Zines don't have to be perfect. I would also say seek out community for support. It's so much fun to sit down with other writers and artists to create and share ideas. The best advice would be to start a sketchbook or journal and keep up with creative ideas so they don't just slip away. Tell friends and apply for a zinefest, give yourself a deadline so you can be held accountable.

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