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LBZF 2015 Featured Zinester: GRN+GLD

Zines: GRN+GLD Vol. 001-011
Instagram: @grngld

1. What kind of zines do you make?

Our zine is a paper mâché arm for the institution, GRN+GLD. We are a collective of 10 members who contribute sights, sounds, and servitude to that which is GRN+GLD. Our zines involve art from members, affiliates, articles about various GRN+GLD lore, silly pacification, indoctrination games, and more.

2. What do you like about making zines?

We like to provide an avenue for our respected affiliates and despicable members.
We like to give it away for free at our shows.
We like to self-deprecate on paper.

3. What are your zines about?

They are about all things GRN+GLD, including but not limited to: magic through the art of self-loathing, ritual use of lies to enhance reality, forthcoming releases from our members, crosswords, and fragmentation of the mind via group-based thought-speak.

4. How did you get started making zines?

Two old friends re-established a connection. One was ultimately forced into servitude and has been stapling papers ever since. He is very happy at the moment.

5. Besides zines, what else are you passionate about?

We make beats. We release our music.
Better living through constant self-deception.
Rebirth through dissociation of truth from reality.

6. What advice would you give a new zinester?

a.) Tell yourself you are a zinester.
b.) Believe it.
c.) Forget step a.)

7. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had making zines?

Our warehouse was burned down (RIP the Wizard’s Den) by a disgruntled former member. He subsequently cursed us, and our former go-to venue. GRN+GLD Vol. 005 was lost in the flames. We are hoping to have the fragments pieced together by June 2029.

8. Where do you look for your inspiration?

Allied Forces Press, Arthur C. Clarke, DJ Detweiler, and Long Beach Thai’s Thai Boat Noodle (extra blood, extra spicy).

9. Any funny/interesting zine-related moments or stories you care to share?

If you lick a specific part of the GRN+GLD application (included in the back of every volume), you have a 1/20 chance of being the lucky recipient of 12 hours of grandiose self-delusion.

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