Greñuda/Chillona Zines


Maria Teresa is an undergraduate in Fine Art at Mount Saint Mary's University-LA. Her work, as Greñuda/Chillona zines, speaks to the lived realities as a person of mixed latinidad descent. Maria Teresa uses her art to explore queerness, parenting, ideas of blackness, and indigeneity through a variety of drawings, collages, and poetry.




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  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
What methods do you use to make your zine?
  • Handwritten/drawn
  • Cut-and-paste
  • Photocopying
  • Screenprinting
  • Digital
What type of binding do you use for your zine(s)?
  • Folded
  • Stapled
  • Hand-stitched
When did you start making zines ... and why?

in 2015 after a slew of traumatic events, I applied for a research project at my university and got to do research on LA zinesters. I was really excited with the work I found and as a budding artist, I found this platform to be less rigid and strict with creating. I made my first zine after we finished our research and never looked back.

How do you feel that are zines important in terms of cultural identity?

Zines for me are important for cultural identity because it allows me to express mine freely. I am a mixed race person and I phenotypically look a certain way for people but I am not just one or the other I am all parts of my cultures and I make zines for people like me. I make them for my children to see that our multitudinous selfhood is perfect as it in this very moment.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

Find an accountability partner! Se'mana Thompson(queer indigenous girl) is my zine Bff and we worked on a beautiful project together. At first I was (still am sometimes) sensitive about my work. However when I began creating with another person and allowing them into the process helped me overcome the fear of putting something out there to be judged. I found it less scary and exciting to share the work I was making. Support your homies and buy their work!

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