Arts ‘n’ Crass


Our zines are diverse, as they reflect the different people involved in the distro. We have zines that are focused on comic storyletting and illustrating, either based on fictional worlds and characters or retelling true events in life. We have different how-to / d.i.y. guide book zines that can show someone how to crochet and drum technology/application. There are various mini zines that focus on different messages and energies. For film buffs, we have zines that go in-depth on womyn made cinema. Something that we also have a lot of fun with is a complication mix tape that we make to broadly explore and reflect the community we table in. Our zines focus on having fun with some sass, 'n arts n crass. We love to explore new subjects, styles, as well as pay homage to our roots in the punk/hc/diy/freak scenes that inform a lot of our backgrounds.

  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
  • Please upload 2-5 images of your work.
What methods do you use to make your zine?
  • Handwritten/drawn
  • Cut-and-paste
  • Photocopying
  • Screenprinting
  • Digital
What type of binding do you use for your zine(s)?
  • Folded
  • Stapled
What is your biggest challenge in making zines?

Zine fests have become more commercialized and it seems like everyone is trying to capitalize on it in someway, when, in my opinion (brianna) it has never been about that. It's not about how much $ you make at the end of the day because zine fest is not an art book fest and when the fest becomes more about branding and selling the products, the community looses what is important...

What is your favorite part of making zines?

Connecting with the community and encouraging members of our distro to create! Also providing platforms for people who would otherwise not have ease in making and distributing their zines. The ability to experiment with materials, subjects, and to share them is very magical and healing in it's process. In our distro, some prefer the ideation of thinking of what to do, making the zine, and other friends in the distro have favorite parts that include stapling and piecing together what they are done with. We are a diverse group!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

Talk to us! We are interested in sharing what we know, our resources, and the like. I (brianna) do zine workshops with the library that I work at. I think context is also important to show that a zine can really be anything, so showing various types of zines helps people understand the freedom in subject, materials, etc. At least for visual learners like myself, having examples is helpful!

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