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Corazon Vagabunda

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Why do you make zines?

Honestly, zines are a great way for artist to show their work in an inexpensive way. I first made a zine because I had old photographs that I really loved. These pictures meant a lot to me and captured my first trip to Mexico City and Guadalajara in my early teens. When I realized that I could tell a story with these photos through my zines and that I could connect with others, it inspired me to make more.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

I think the best advice is just do it. Although I have only been making zines for three years, I have realized that a zine can be anything. If you have art to show, advice to give, a story to share, or photos to show you can express it in a zine. The zine community brings all art forms and unites them in such a beautiful way!