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Logo/Graphic@tacosdelunaMonica Leal Cueva (Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, living in L.A. for 12 years); Erik Herrera (From San Diego, CA but living in L.A.)
Logo/Graphic2cents ZineLong Beach
Logo/GraphicAlyssa Surmillon & Basil LariosL.A.
Logo/GraphicAmber PadillaI grew up in Santa Ana, CA but I currently reside in Oakland, CA.
Logo/GraphicAndrea (Dree) MejiaSouth Gate
Logo/GraphicAndy BuscLos Angeles
Logo/GraphicArif QaziBangladesh
Logo/GraphicArts 'n' CrassCollectively from Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego
Logo/GraphicAsterisk PressOakland
Logo/GraphicBeverly SalasAnaheim
Logo/GraphicBoy BisonLA
Logo/GraphicBreahna UptonRaeford, North Carolina
Logo/GraphicBrenda ChiI live in East Hollywood, grew up in Alhambra (San Gabriel Valley), which has shaped my identity as Chinese American.
Logo/GraphicBroke n’ BoujeeBroke n’ Boujee is based out of the LA and OC areas
Logo/GraphicBronwyn MauldinLos Angelesish
Logo/GraphicBryan WestMonterey, CA
Logo/GraphicBudget PressSan Diego
Logo/GraphicBurn All BooksSan Diego
Logo/GraphicCafé Y Té CollectiveThe San Fernando Valley
Logo/GraphicChris & PrisLos Angeles
Logo/GraphicCitizen Journalism ProjectLos Angles
Logo/Graphiccommon genuslos angeles
Logo/GraphicCorazon VagabundaI grew up in Orange County, but Long Beach is my home. My parents are from Mexico.
Logo/GraphicCRUXWORLDWIDEI live in Costa Mesa California but I am always in Long Beach doing show and events. People often tell me I should just live in Long Beach and I agree.
Logo/GraphicCSULB Graphic Design BFA Fall '19Long Beach, CA
Logo/GraphicDamian LeLittle Saigon, Westminster
Logo/GraphicDarcy Crash DistroLong Beach
Logo/GraphicDave Van PattenLong Beach
Logo/GraphicDead in HollywoodI live in L.A., but I'm originally from Texas. I lived in Long Beach for 5 years shortly after moving out here.
Logo/GraphicDeathWitchZinesSan Diego
Logo/GraphicDevil's Claw DistroLos Angeles (at present)
Logo/GraphicDSTL ArtsLos Angeles, CA
Logo/GraphicElise BernalI'm from pico rivera, California!
Logo/GraphicEmily Joycurrently based in Joshua Tree
Logo/GraphicEPOCHI grew up in the Echo Park area but currently reside in Eagle Rock
Logo/GraphicEric Nakamura / Giant RobotWest LA
Logo/GraphicErwin PapaI was born in Long Beach, but grew up in Lakewood.
Logo/GraphicFantasiNino - from Los Angeles Diane - from Hawaii
Logo/GraphicFelipe FloresFullerton, CA
Logo/GraphicFUNCHICKEN!Sierra Madre, CA
Logo/GraphicGhostWavesLos Angeles, CA
Logo/GraphicGrab Bag StudioLong Beach
Logo/GraphicGreñuda/Chillona ZinesSouth Central LA
Logo/GraphicGumesindoLive in Long Beach, raised in Orange County
Logo/GraphicHate PasteSan Diego, CA
Logo/GraphicHeather WreckageI was born in Sacramento and spent my twenties in Oakland, as of now I have been in Portland for one year
Logo/GraphicHeck Ketchup Co.Eva is from Ontario, CA and Jonas is from Southwest Michigan
Logo/GraphicHeydesilu@gmail.comsan gabriel valley
Logo/Graphicinsecure tooth
Logo/Graphicirrelevant pressOakland, CA
Logo/GraphicJackie Lam & Viet VuAnaheim and Los Angeles
Logo/GraphicJAPANEZINEI live in Alhambra, I moved to Los Angeles in 2014 from Japan.
Logo/GraphicJeremy AnnandTorrance, CA
Logo/GraphicJeremy LeasureCurrently living in Fullerton, CA
Logo/GraphicJeromy Velasco IllustrationLos Angeles
Logo/GraphicJesse TiseSeal Beach
Logo/GraphicJGVAlhambra, CA
Logo/GraphicJoolie ComixI live in San Bruno at the moment but I'm originally from Yuma, AZ.
Logo/GraphicJosh SerranoLong Beach
Logo/GraphicKiki Love
Logo/GraphicKwento by NicaFilipina living in the Bay Area.
Logo/GraphicLa ColochaI am a Salvadoran American from the San Fernando Valley!
Logo/GraphicLos Angeles Spoonie Collective
Logo/GraphicMartian PressOriginally I'm from Lawrence, KS but I went to school in Milwaukee, WI and lived there for a few years after graduating, till I moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 2017.
Logo/GraphicMatt MacFarlandEagle Rock, Los Angeles
Logo/GraphicMeg GonzalezAnaheim
Meg GonzalezAnaheim
Logo/GraphicMouth BreathersLos Angeles and Santa Ana
Logo/GraphicMr BenjaBorn in New Orleans, raised in Tallahassee, came to CA for the game life, landed in Long Beach.
Logo/GraphicMV Garciahometown: Norwalk, CA
Logo/GraphicNebulafrom Monterey Bay now based in San Francisco
Logo/GraphicNicole GouxLA
Logo/GraphicNighswonger Sings NilssonLong Beach
Logo/Graphicno future expressLawrence KS, Dallas TX, Kobe Japan, Boston MA
Logo/GraphicOn Planet WeirdLos Angeles
Logo/GraphicOrange RadioLos Angeles
Logo/GraphicOsaka ZinersWe are a group of artists and illustrators from Pasadena City College
Logo/GraphicPanic Zine DistroLong Beach
Logo/Graphicpassenger320huntington park
Logo/GraphicPlant BunniesPasadena
Logo/GraphicProtein PressLos Angeles
Logo/GraphicRachel CurryLos Angeles
Logo/GraphicReal Dreams ZinesBuckinghamshire just outside London, England.
Logo/GraphicrubbageSan Diego
Logo/GraphicRudas Distro
Logo/GraphicSDSU Zine ClubSan Diego/Chula Vista
Logo/GraphicShit Sux PressSouth Central, LA
Logo/GraphicSkid Row ZineSkid Row LA
Logo/GraphicSplendid DisastersLong Beach, CA
Logo/GraphicStevie WilsonCurrently Los Angeles, originally New York city
Logo/GraphicSuicidal GoldfishLos Angeles
Logo/GraphicSupernova x EpicuriosityWe are from India & Malaysia but currently living and working in Los Angeles
Logo/GraphicTeebenLos Angeles(-ish)
Logo/GraphicTevy KhouLong Beach! Sup gangbangaz!
Logo/GraphicThe 8 Hour Donut TripSouthern California
Logo/GraphicThe Art of Avy JetterOakland Ca
Logo/GraphicThe Labor CampBakersfield, CA
Logo/GraphicThe Moon Jellies Art CollectiveLong Beach!
Logo/GraphicTiffany LeLittle Saigon, CA
Logo/GraphicTiny SplendorLos Angeles
Logo/GraphicTiny Tsae-Ni Press by Jessica T. LinMontclair, CA & my mother's womb (real original, I know)
Logo/GraphicTommy KovacI grew up in Orange, and my husband and I moved to Anaheim about five years ago.
Logo/GraphicTorialulu x Mark G x EelhipsPasadena, Alhambra, & North Hollywood
Logo/GraphicTracy ParkHollywood
Logo/GraphicUnity PressOakland, CA
Logo/GraphicUno Foto ArtOriginally from El Paso, in San Diego, CA
Logo/GraphicWelt FanzineLong Beach
Logo/GraphicXICANX CRYBABYLos Angeles
Logo/GraphicZe Golden SombreroSo Cal born and raised, Long Beach resident for over 10 years.
Logo/GraphicZebraRadar ZineLong Beach born and raised! Recently re-located to Echo Park.
Logo/GraphicZine Medley
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