LBZF 2019 Music

Featuring local Long Beach bands and legendary DJ Dennis Owens. See below for bios.

  • 12-12:40 – Shy But Flyy
  • 1:00-1:40 – Karenn Campbell
  • 2:00-2:40 – Shiro
  • 3:00-3:40 – Cherry Tang
  • 4:00-4:40 – Primrose River
  • DJ Dennis Owens (all day)
  • Stage hosts VerBS & Alicia Murphy (all day)
#LBZF19 music poster by Jess Weymouth

Shy But Flyy

Shy But Flyy is a Blues, Jazz, and spoken- word artist currently located in Long Beach CA.   The Blues was always with Shy growing up, so to no surprise, in recent years she began to do it full time. Shy has headlined The Uptown Jazz festival, The New Blues Festival, Temecula So Cal blues Fest, and many other private and public festivals in Long Beach. You can catch Shy with her band, “Shy But Flyy and the Allstarz”, most likely performing every week. Along with weekly gigs you can find her as a featured vocalist with other bands, and sitting in at jazz jam sessions around the Los Angeles area on her nights off.  Currently, Shy is performing regularly, recording an EP, and working on her second book. 

Karenn Campbell

Review from Music Connection: “Elements of Dinosaur Jr. and the Violent Femmes intertwine in songs that are deceptively simple but ultimately warm and blessed with lyrical depth.  The biggest initial surprise about Karenn Campbell is that it’s a band made up of three men, rather than a female solo performer.  These songs seem so simple, but there’s an onion thing going on here. You have to peel away the layers. The three musicians are fully in sync with each other, and the lo-fi noise is expertly executed. Like many garage rock bands, occasional bursts of feedback and fuzz disguise the fact that that these guys are adept musicians. It’s not that they’re trying to disguise it, though. Rather, they know exactly what each song requires.”


Shiro is a self-described psychiatric sad Synth Rock band out of Long Beach.  The band is made up of Hannah (vocals, Synth) and Steven (guitarist, keyboardist). The bands sound is darkwave, postpunk with a brooding landscape of ambient vocals.

cherry tang band

Cherry Tang

Cherry Tang is a fun, funky pop rock band from Long Beach, California.  

Primrose River band

Primrose River

Primrose River is the sweet, sweet harmonies and original song treatments by Heather Jean Sommerhauser, Ann Louise Thaiss and Alyssandra Nighswonger. While these three Long Beach sirens have found each other together in variations of Janie, Nothing But Flowers, Junatime and some pretty great one-night-only-no-really-you-should-have-been-there projects… but this is the first time these powerhouses have dug rich and deep together.

Dennis Owens

Dennis Owens is a legendary Long Beach DJ, probably best known for his long running dance night, The Good Foot, which started at Que Sera, Sera and, more recently, migrated to Alex’s Bar. He is also a founding member of Suburban Rhythm and Action League, and played for many years in Ikey Owens’ band, Free Moral Agents.



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Alicia Murphy

Alicia Murphy

Alicia Murphy is a founding organizer of Long Beach Zine Fest, and has been booking the LBZF music stage for 5 years. When she’s not booking and hosting, she writes and sings quirky lyrics that intrigue people of all ages. She is also one of the sustainability coordinator for LBZF, and her passion for environmental conservation shines through in many of her songs.