Long Beach Zine Fest Accessibility and Safer Spaces Policy

Long Beach Zine Fest 2018 (LBZF), taking place from 11am to 5pm on Saturday, Sept 15 in Long Beach, CA at the Expo Arts Center (the venue).

LBZF is a safe, inclusive and welcoming event, we have instituted these guidelines and accommodations, for all attendees, vendors, and organizers. Participation in LBZF indicates you will abide by these guidelines at all times while at LBZF 2018 and violation of such will result in removal, at the discretion of LBZF and venue staff.

LBZF is open to the public

  1. Long Beach Zine Fest and its venue are open to the public of all ages, races, genders, and creeds.
  2. Absolutely no racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no violence, no weapons, nor any form of discrimination is allowed at any time.
  3. LBZF enforces a policy of respect for personal boundaries. We maintain a 100% no-tolerance policy toward any form of harassment, including verbal abuse, theft, or discriminatory speech or actions.
  4. Parents and their children are encouraged to attend, and parents who are nursing may breastfeed anywhere in the building. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a guardian over the age of 16.
  5. LBZF enforces a photo consent policy. Signage on the day of the event will outline this policy at all museum entrances.
    • By participating in or attending the event, all individuals at LBZF acknowledge that they are in a public space and may be photographed or recorded.
    • All participants and visitors give Long Beach Zine Fest consent to use their likeness in future LBZF promotion materials for purposes of publicizing LBZF, without payment or compensation.
    • All participants and visitors give the Museum of Latin American Art consent to use their likeness in future educational and promotional materials for purposes of publicizing the Museum of Latin American Art’s programs, without payment or compensation.
    • Candid and close-up photos and/or video or audio recording of people or their work may only be taken with the express consent of the photo subject or owner of said work and this consent may be revoked at any time. For panels and workshops, the panelists preference on photography and audio or video recording will be addressed individually before presentations begin.
    • Any media recorded at LBZF 2018–including, but not limited to photography, video recording and audio recording–is subject to this agreement.

LBZF is accessible

  1. The venue is fully ADA compliant and reachable by public transit. Bike valet will be provided and there is ample vehicular parking. (Parking next to the venue for guests with special needs can be arranged, please contact us.) We will provide further accommodations when requested to the best of our abilities and resources.
  2. Accessibility accommodations include, but will not be limited to: gender-neutral bathrooms designated on-site; quiet area available for vendors, volunteers, and attendees; allowances for those in need of service and support animals.
  3. There are speaker announcements and live music as part of this event. Zinesters who notify the LBZF team of noise sensitivities will be assigned placement accordingly.
  4. Alcohol will be available, but may be carried only in limited areas. Participants and attendees may not bring alcohol into the zinester marketplace.

All reports of Safer Space policy violations will be taken seriously and LBZF and venue staff reserve the right to eject from the premises any individual who violates these principles.

This policy may be modified by Long Beach Zine Fest as new concerns are addressed. Last updated: July 2018