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Chicken Milkshake Zines

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Why do you make zines?

I have no other option. All these feelings inside me are screaming to get out. Maybe one day they’ll stop. But for now I put them in zines. This art form is perfect for someone like me who has a lot to say but has no formal training as an artist and is too socially awkward for the networking thing. You don’t have to ask permission or kiss any butts to make a zine. That’s why they’re so great!

What was the inspiration for creating your first zine?

My first zine was called “You are not special” and I made it in 2014, the day before San Francisco Zine Fest because I wanted to go show it to people there & see if anyone liked it. Each page was some kind of visual representation of the words “you are not special” or the idea behind the phrase. It stemmed from my desire to remain humble contrasted with having grown up in a culture of participation trophies. It represents further contrast of the take-home message with my desire to love myself as an individual (something I’ve always struggled with) despite being “average” and “not special” in the grand scheme of things. You can be average or even boring. But as long as you’re special to yourself and your loved ones then that’s enough.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

Do it! Make that zine right now! Even if it’s not “perfect” you’ll love it, I promise. You might look back on it a few years and cringe. But more likely you’ll just go “Aww, I remember that”. And don’t worry if you don’t have pro-level layout/graphic design skills. If you can make stuff look all polished & pretty that’s great. But if you can’t that’s okay too, because that’s the entire point of zines: anyone can make them anytime they want. Help keep that truth alive and make that zine right now!