An alphabetical list of the Zinesters for LBZF19. Click a name to view their profile or visit the Zinesters page to explore by photo.

Kris Kaos and Flores Couture

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Why do you make zines?

Kristopher: I write zines because it is an idea personified in my mind on how I see the world.

Gloria: I have been writing since 8th grade. I worked in advertising at San Gabriel Valley Tribune and La Opinion for about 12 years combined. Yet, at the time I did not feel ready to share my thoughts to the world.

I left newspapers in 2008. I was broken. I saw the end of newspapers, a medium I loved, but a medium that never reflected its readers. When I realized that there are artists and writers that self publish, I felt like I finally found my medium. This to me was the pure way of telling stories and sharing ideas from the grass roots level.

How do zines help you communicate your perspective?

Kristopher: Zines help me communicate my perspective by close contact with the reader in a cerebral sense.

Gloria: For me, zines are a space for me to tell my story and other stories that have been living in my head for years and years. To me it tells my story of where I grew up and how that shaped me.

I am a Mexican American woman who grew up in San Gabriel Valley during the 80s, 90s and 00s. I relate to soo many others here. I feel like our story has been untold. Our voices have never been captured in the newspaper, film or television. I want to create something pure and authentic.