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Sophia Zarders

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What was the inspiration for creating your first zine?

My first zine was about being a Black femme at the art department at CSULB. I used to write on the walls and do various types of graffiti in the art building and sometimes that would piss off other students or the administration hahaha. So this zine was about feeling frustrated and fed up with the culture there. My zines now are a lot less about my own experiences.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

I’ve taught some zine making workshops to a wide variety of ages, and I always encourage individuals to collaborate with their neighbors and use unconventional materials. One time when I was leading a girl scout troop in making zines, I grabbed some (clean) toilet paper from the restroom and glued it to my demo zine. The kids were confused and laughed about it, but then they started looking at their materials differently and opened up their POVs about what a zine is and what “art” can be.