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Mi Desorden Zine

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Why do you make zines?

Zines were an essential part of my life growing up in Southern California. As an immigrant, I did not see myself within mainstream publications. It was only through zines that I found a community and my voice as a creator. Throughout my life, I created zines as a form of a contribution to the continuous dialog of independent media voices. I currently continue to make zines but I also strongly encourage others to create zines through my part-time work at DSTL arts. With some guidance, I am able to help others find their voice within zine culture. The importance of creating continuing to create printable media is necessary to keep a truly independent culture.

How do zines help you communicate your perspective?

Zines have always helped me to better understand marginalized voices not published in mainstream journals. Zines act as a guide to readers to learn more about underrepresented stories and artists of color that are traditionally ignored within the US media landscape. I also believe that our zines have personally and professionally led us to discover our voices as writers. Growing up with a learning disability it was difficult for me to engage in classroom discussions about our reading assignments. Zines helped to branch out to literature and seek out more advanced media text.