An alphabetical list of the Zinesters for LBZF19. Click a name to view their profile or visit the Zinesters page to explore by photo.

Hannah Bosnian and Shideh Ghandeharizadeh

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What was the inspiration for creating your first zine?

SHIDEH: I’ve always had a lot of body issues. I often feel insecure when seeing myself in my underwear. I made my first zine “Girls+Plants” to try to work through that and try to celebrate different body types in different kinds of underwear. I want whoever reads my zines to feel beautiful and proud of how they look.

What is your favorite part of making zines?

HANNAH: For me, zines are an alley of exploration and experimentation, particularly because they’re meant to be SHORT. I’m not creating my magnum opus, I’m making six to twenty pages of whatever the fuck I want, in as clean or messy a visual style I desire, with whatever stories and characters I want to play with. And if it turns out horrible, who cares! It was like six pages! I can move onto something drastically different immediately!