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Pepper Rivera

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How do zines help you reflect your cultural identity?

I make a photozine called Under the 10 Freeway, which as most LA natives understand is where you find South Central Los Angeles. This zine was a response to the constant glorification and deification of other neighborhoods in the city through media. My photozines allow me to give South Central Los Angeles that same level of attention by capturing the temporal nature of the culture here. My hopes for Under the 10 is to remind future generations what the cultural identity of this place was. Seeing as things are changing so fast in Los Angeles, this zine couldn't be more important.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

My excuse for not binding my work was "I don't have work that looks like what other people make". I realize now after attending a single zinefest that all that doesn't matter. My advice is organize whatever work you have that has a similar identity, print it and staple it. Sometimes the meaning of things is apparent until you juxtapose it with something else.