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YellowStainedBlue & Tree Art

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What was the inspiration for creating your first zine?

In 2016, I was recovering from PSTD. To cope, I started doing things that I had done for fun in my childhood. I tried doodling, writing stories, and making booklets with no intention of showing them to anyone else. In 2017, I had revisited my art and writings from the year before. I took pictures of them, including a doodle that said "It's Okay to Not Feel OK," and made a mini-zine out of it to give to friends. That year, applications for the Claremont Zine Fest and CalArts Print Fair opened. I submitted a few of my zines and the rest is history 🙂

How do zines help you relate/connect to others?

Zine fests have been an amazing experience in building community with other PoC artists, and like-minded humans. Under Yellow Stained Blue, I have had lots of really cool conversations with my peers, tweens, and older adults about mental health and social issues such as racism and generational trauma. I hope that my art will comfort, challenge, help others and myself to heal, and translate the power of vulnerability.

My twin sister, who tables under her nickname, "Tree," also has had a wonderful experience in expressing her voice and reaching out to other humans living with disabilities at events like zine fests. Born with a speech and motor skills disability, art has been an important tool in communicating Tree's colorful outlook on life, as well as her unique struggles that she would otherwise have difficulty expressing verbally. Zine fests give Tree a chance to let her voice shine and inspire others.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

I think the beautiful thing about zines is that they are accessible and personal. Anyone can makes zines and be a part of the zine community. I love the idea of zines being anti-capitalist media-that anyone can express themselves without restraint, in whatever style & aesthetic one chooses. I am not a professional artist (unlike Tree) by-any-means, and so I’m glad my voice and perspective can still be valued in this way. My advice for people who want to start making zines is to:
1) Make content that is unapologetically yourself.
2) Read lots of other people's zines.
3) (If you're an overthinker like me..) It's OK to not know what you're doing.
4) Fuck shit up and have fun with the process!