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Cache Life Zine/Choco Zine

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What was the inspiration for creating your first zine?

I am a big fan of Chococat and it inspired me to develop the character a bit more and write short stories with his friends and include puns to add humor. I also decided to add recommendations for local restaurants, musical artists and places to visit like museums or other points of interest. Basically, the kind of zine I would have liked to have seen as a kid.

How do zines help you reflect your cultural identity?

I grew up around the San Diego/Tijuana border, making me bilingual and bicultural. My first language is Spanish and English is the language I eventually learned and I was mostly taught in. I can communicate efficiently in both languages and provide either language to people who cannot either speak one language or the other.

How do zines help you communicate your perspective?

Although I attended schools in the US for all my academic career, I struggled to learn English until I was about 12 years old which made me express myself with drawings or actions when I was not allowed to do it in Spanish. I was also very socially awkward (and I can still be at times) and having my expressions set on paper has helped as well.