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Glitter Guts

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Why do you make zines?

I make zines for a couple of reasons
1) Our lives arent documented. I;m tired of hearing about the same histories, the same books, the same poetry, the same art. It's all written by the white cis straight rich abled bodies. I'm tired of it. Disabled QTPOC exist and we will not be erased,
2) Its healing for me. Every zine takes months to years because I spend so much time processing stuff that hurts. Once I write it and draw it out , I get to release those thoughts and feelings and transform them into art.
3) Connection. Ive had a couple of people tell me they relate to me work. I don't have many friends and I felt like I couldn't relate to people and was just such a weird person. Although its true I'm weird, I know theres other weirdos like me. I feel less alone.

What was the inspiration for creating your first zine?

I didn't know what the hell zine where until I was 18. My Best friend at the time invited me to LAZF 7 years ago and I fell in love with all the zines Brown Recluse Distro carried. I don't remember the exact title but I remember all the feels. I needed to see that vulnerablity in person. It pushed me to be softer and more honest with my feelings. It taught me its okay to have feelings. After that, I made my first zine,

What is your favorite part of making zines?

The crying. I hate feeling numb but I have a hard time understanding what Im feeling until I sit there and try to write about it or draw it out. I like how zines push me to feeling stuff and how I end up breaking myself into pieces after im done. That's when the reinventing myself starts.

How do zines help you understand/connect with/express your self-identity?

I have a lot of drawings of myself in my zines. The first one was pre-t and how I wish I looked. The third one was how I looked during that time and the forth one were portraits dealing with trauma. I have many identities including being trans and mentally ill. I think I captured it in my zines. Im currently working on one about being Latinx and trans and disabled. That helps me feel not so isolated from my community.

How do zines help you reflect your cultural identity?

I don't see many queer Latinx. In the first zine I have some poems about the spanish slurs I heard and how those affect me. I also have 2 drawings of trans Latinx folks. One has the words " My gender will not be colonized" on top. Its a remind that queerness and transness is not strictly a white thing. We existed even before the devastation of our lands and people. These whities ruined every aspect of our lives, even our relationships to gender.

How do zines help you relate/connect to others?

I spent my childhood reading. I didn't have friends growing up and I learned a lot about empathy through books. It was a nice and safe way to connect with others without thinking about the confusing and painful aspects of building connections with people in person.
Ive had people email me crying about how theyve never felt so seen. I can relate and Im happy to provide that experience for others.

How do zines help you communicate your perspective?

visually and written.
I strongly believe I have a interesting and unique perspective to things but people arent really blessed with what I have to say because of isolation and social anxiety.
I use a mixture of drawings and writings to communicate my perspective and I think its really powerful to do both.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

Go to zine workshops. I recently started going to DSTLA's zine workshops and has been really great in terms of motivating me to be more creative. It's easier to make things when youre around others. I would also suggest to not have any expectations. Make your first zine shitty on purpose. If you don't worry about it being perfect you will come up with something that is unique and representative of what youre feeling or thinking at that moment.

Is there anything you want people know about you and/or your zines?

My zines take a long time to make and our really difficult for me to do. Please treat them with respect and understand where I'm coming from. You can relate to them even if we don't have the same or similar identities. Expose yourself to differences and work on your prejudices.