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insecure tooth

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What is your favorite part of making zines?

Sharing. I think about how a zine can be shared, how my interests, battles, humor is relatable and who the audience of my zines could be. While I love to plan out the layout of my zine ideas, it is the completion of a zine and the thereafter sharing of a zine that truly makes it worth creating.

How do zines help you relate/connect to others?

It still amazes me how others have found my zines to be relatable. I am usually a person that keeps to themself but art and writing has always been a way to alleviate myself from the silence that permeates. Doodling and jotting thoughts down has always been therapeutic, and I believe other folks find comfort in knowing that the way they feel is not a lone emotion. I know I do.

How do zines help you communicate your perspective?

I think visual language has played such a role in my zine-making. And it's likely why I'm attached to the idea of character building; rabbits substituting as myself and others. There is something so easy to using a cute character to discuss and consider very real issues of depression and anxiety. A furry friend that also feels sadness, and is brave enough to speak on it.