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Twilight Press

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Why do you make zines?

We make zines because we believe in the power of self publishing, in going against the norm, and going through the creative process of writing and putting together images to assemble an informative, creative, and shareble piece of work. We want to share our zines with other zinesters and people who don't even know what zines are, to learn and teach one another.

What is your favorite part of making zines?

Our favorite part of zine making is deciding the spread of each page, and how the words help to format the layout.
We also enjoy the process of research that involves looking through our collection of zines, books, photographs and even preparatory sketches that are made to bring to fruition, the zines that we want to share with others. As art makers, we believe it is important to have a written element to our practice, and in making zines we are able to fulfill this aspect.