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Partes Privadas

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Why do you make zines?

Typically my work is seen live--through CRT monitors and projections. I think zines are such a perfect bridge between the digital and analog. Since it is self-publishing, there are essentially no barriers to what can be expressed; very much like the signals I can manipulate. I hope to be able to provide others with the comfort that can be found in what appears to be chaos.

What was the inspiration for creating your first zine?

My friendships inspired my first zine. I thought of it as a more meaningful way to express the love I felt for these people. It was also something I didn't mean for anyone other than them to see. As someone who isn't good with words, I viewed it as a more challenging avenue to express that love with more than just words.

How do zines help you understand/connect with/express your self-identity?

I can count the times I've seen my experiences reflected in literature on one hand. Making zines is something that allows several mediums to combine without the pressures of traditional institutions weighing on your work. I want my stories to reach the other poor kids that hate reading, until they see themselves.