An alphabetical list of the Zinesters for LBZF19. Click a name to view their profile or visit the Zinesters page to explore by photo.

DisCantBeLife Press (DCBL Press)

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What is your favorite part of making zines?

Most of DCBL Press is founded on identifying random tomfoolery and turning it into "content." We like providing an alternative pedestrian perspective, seeing seemingly pedestrian stuff and turning into pedestrian-oriented zines. It's a reminder to take the bus, to lurk and to take photos of the world around you / us.

How do zines help you relate/connect to others?

In addition to the NorCal (José) and SoCal (Camilo) offices, we have correspondents for whom we’ve helped put out zines (Annabel Shabestari, Jon Rowe, Ariana DeNevi Weckstein) and tabled with our friends at Oatmeal Mag and Irrelevant Press. We wouldn't have made these connections / friendships without zine fests and the spaces they create.