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Annie Nishida

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How do zines help you relate/connect to others?

My absolute favorite thing is when people read one of my zines and say, "I think we're the same person." I think we all have similar experiences and dark, emo feelings (especially those who came of age in the Myspace/My Chemical Romance era), but don't always feel comfortable talking about these things. As someone who makes things to be seen by others, I feel like I'm in the amazing position to help others feel seen and heard. Any time I can make someone feel like their beliefs and emotions are valid, or make someone laugh at a shared (often embarrassing) experience, is what I consider a success.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

The great thing about zine making is that you can just start doing it! You don't have to be the best illustrator, writer, painter, or whatever-- there isn't competition because there's no zine gatekeeper stopping you from making cool things and sharing them. Zines can help you learn about what you like, don't like, and want to get better at. They can help you find your artist voice. They can help you figure out who you are. And that's amazing!

Is there anything you want people know about you and/or your zines?

I'm a li'l television writer in the entertainment industry, where there is a clear lack of diverse stories. And even when marginalized voices *do* get to share their experiences on screen, it's often watered down to make it more "palatable" to the general public. I started making zines because it was the only way I could make art that was 100 percent mine, from start to finish, and through this medium, I've found catharsis and artistic satisfaction I've never experienced before. I am so grateful that I happened to stumble upon zine-making, and look forward to continuing on my journey as a zinester for years to come! 🙂 P.S. Everyone should meditate.