An alphabetical list of the Zinesters for LBZF19. Click a name to view their profile or visit the Zinesters page to explore by photo.


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Why do you make zines?

The DIY element of zine-making is a huge part of why we love making zines. We love being able to MAKE something, 100% ourselves, and be involved in every part of designing, producing, and selling zines. And we love that zines are so accessible! Zinefests and selling our zines online in a way and at a price that is accessible to people is really satisfying to both of us.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

Start making zines!!!!! Don’t wait until you feel like you’re “good enough” to make one. If you’re thinking about making one, you’re already ready. Downloading a template can be an easy way to start. Don’t overthink it! Trust in the ideas you have! The best way to learn how to make zines is just by making them. Good luck!!!

Tara Instagram: @slugtwo / Yuzu Twitter: @_yuzufruit / neither of us have FB!