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Why do you make zines?

Making zines is a joyful process. I am a Long Beach Artist who loves to draw, paint, take photos, create textiles, and mosaic. Creating zines allows me to draw upon all of these mediums, cutting and pasting together paper tapestries developed
from my global and local travels and inner imaginary world. The characters and stories jump off the pages of my sketchbooks. Musings, mindfulness aspirations, interactive coloring and drawings are also included as well as origami shapes, harmony cards and
double sided laminated portable 2D art taken from zine pages. Color, playfulness bringing smiles and humorous introspection reflecting on humanity with wacky characters. Inspirational wisdom as well as ancient African proverbs collected in West Africa. I also have self published books, sketch journals and pencil case sets as well, and even novelty small dog bandanas. Something for everyone !

Is there anything you want people know about you and/or your zines?

Always smiling from the inside out with constant curiosity and wonder about the world we occupy.
Norma Haas Rosen is a Long Beach Artist from Teaneck ,New Jersey Born in Hackensack. Let the idea dictate the medium is her creative mantra. Making public art in Watts, a South Los Angeles neighborhood is her passion as well as teaching and advocacy for the community residents.