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Estrella Vega

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Why do you make zines?

I used to be an art director in an advertising agency - mostly because it was a pragmatic career for someone who wanted to do creative things. But I became frustrated with having to warp my "artistic vision" to what my higher ups and the client wanted. Making my own books is an outlet for me to have total creative control over just do something I like and not worry about what category it fits in, and who the target audience for it is.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

Just like any skill set, you have to practice before you can be good. So my advice is to make "stupid" zines. "Stupid" as in, it's not a subject that feels too overwhelming, it doesn't require too much effort to do and if it turns out bad, you're not going to lose sleep over it. Eventually, you'll become pretty confident in zine-making and you can start working on your magnum opus.