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What was the inspiration for creating your first zine?

I started making Koreangry zine back in 2016, after the election.
The year 2016 was complete chaos for me (as for many people)–and I realized I was suffering sleep deprivation, anxiety, and night terrors. As a former undocumented immigrant, I understood what the election meant for me any many immigrants in my communities. I would get a hot wave of heat, cold sweat, and tight chest pains often... My drinking habits didn't help the situation either, and I often caught myself floating in a negative and bitter place internally. I was projecting a lot of fear and insecurities to my partner (now my husband), family, and friends–in a way to rationalize my erratic behaviors and wanting to be accepted and understood.

How do zines help you reflect your cultural identity?

My work "Koreangry" is very honest stories of my life that reflect Korean-American Immigrant experience. I am proud of my work that challenges the conventional norm of what Asian woman should say or do.
When people can relate to my work even if when they are not a Korean-American-Immigrant-Woman, living in Los Angeles, CA- I'm thrilled to remind myself what I'm doing is something worth it.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

My two-cents for creative womxn/ young womxn would be, trust the process and listen to your guts. Losing money and making mistakes is very common when you first start so don't get discouraged.
Your feelings are valid, and you will be surprised by how many people can relate to your feelings.