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Tevy Khou

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How do zines help you reflect your cultural identity?

Growing up Cambodian and queer and a woman seemed pile on the intense isolation I felt growing up. There wasn't one space I could feel completely at ease in other than learning to love my own solitude and grow independent. Zines help people who are like me, at the intersection of different identities. I also use different methods to make art, whether it be illustration, photography, or graphic design. My identity is complex yet people make assumptions based on one or all of the ways they see me as other. Zines help destroy that idea that I am just one thing.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making zines?

Follow your eye! Collect things that interest you. Borrow ideas and make them your own. Build on a feeling and make a collage. Get a cheap camera and shoot shit you like and stuff you see everyday. Figure out what works for you, what your style is and be completely committed to shock some people.