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Beyond the Body

What is your favorite part of making zines?

Ideas swarm my mind like bees, and zines help me capture them. I like mixing different mediums, not being limited to one. I love when people read my zines and tell me they feel inspired to make one. Being able to share my work with a wide spectrum of people, especially at low cost for them, is one of my favorite aspects of zines.

How do zines help you understand/connect with/express your self-identity?

Being a spiritual and healing practitioner can be pretty lonely at times, in a field that’s overflowing with White people. It’s also full of older folks. So zines are a way for me to express this side of me. It’s still tough because this makes my zines less relatable to people, and thus less popular. But I’m happy when people do resonate with them. I hope people will be inspired to be more proactive about their health, invest in themselves, and seek self-care as much as possible.