Mental health, gender, and queerness. And sometimes King of the Hill and the internet.

Type of zines:
  • Poetry/Literary
  • LGBTQ/Gender
  • Feminist/Riot Grrrl
  • Perzine
  • Fanzines

Please upload up 2-5 additional images.
What are your current zines about?

Intersections of gender, queerness, and mental health, with some feelings about King of the Hill thrown in for good measure.

What methods do you use to make your zine?
  • Handwritten/drawn
  • Cut-and-paste
  • Photocopying
  • Screenprinting
  • Digital
What type of binding do you use for your zine(s)?
  • Stapled
When did you start making zines ... and why?

Maira started making zines because they wanted an easy transition from blogging and they were (and still are) cheaper than therapy.

How do you create your zine content?

Maira usually uses digital methods, but collects things and thoughts in a notebook for weeks.

What was your first zine called? What was it about?

Maira: Maira With the Perpetual Nervousness, named after a Feelies song. It was about being depressed and having a crush on my now partner.

What is your favorite part of making zines?

Total creative control! Getting to do zine fests and meeting lots of amazing folks!