LBZF 2015 Workshops & Panels

The Long Beach Zine Fest is featuring a full day of programming in addition to the main zine fest marketplace. Hosted in MoLAA’s theatre and artist studio off of the Balboa Room, these workshops and panels feature a variety of topics, including hands-on how-tos, cultural discussions, a panel, and plenty of zines.

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Workshops in the Theatre Descriptions

More Than a Feeling

Why Perzines Are More Than Just Photocopied Journals: Jessie Lynn McMains (Reckless Chants) will talk about her experiences creating zine Reckless Chant and lead a discussion on translating little everyday moments to big life-changing events into entertaining and expressive storytelling.

About Jessie Lynn McMains
McMains has been publishing zines since 1994. She has performed spoken word on tour with the Perpetual Motion Roadshow, at FILF in Cleveland, and at Queer Open Mic and Bitchez Nueve in San Francisco, as well as various other places across the US. Her writing has appeared in The Chapess, New Pop Lit, The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society,Wonderlust Lit Zine, The Inner Condition, the Racine Journal-Times, The Shepherd Express, The Peninsula Pulse, Razorcake, Bail, Babel, Word Riot, and Forces of Geek!, amongst others. She currently writes for Red Fez and Draft Dodger zine. Her short story, “Insect Summer,” was recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and she is currently working on finishing up my first official book – What We Talk About When We Talk About Punk, a collection of writings about punk spanning the past fifteen years.

Bad Bitches

BAD BITCHES is a workshop that seeks to empower gender marginalized people of color. BAD BITCHES aims to create a movement based on resisting assimilation within leftist culture and mainstream culture in order to rewrite radical collective history, together.

Nyky Gomez (Brown Recluse Zine Distro, “Skinned Heart” zine) and Ari Perezdiez (“MAXIMUMROCKNROLL,” “La Bola de Cristal”) will facilitate this workshop and roundtable discussion for women, trans*, and queer people of color.


Mending Your Dress: Coping with Trauma through Writing

Presentation on sharing, oversharing, and not sharing. Host NeelyBat Chestnut (Mend My Dress Press) will offer her insights on the formidable task of writing about deeply personal and vulnerable topics, such as physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as the balance between sharing and oversharing.

About NeelyBat Chestnut
Chesnut has been printing her own zines since 2005, writing about topics including incest, self-harm, coming of age and survival. After forming Mend My Dress Press in 2012, she started helping others put their stories out into the world by publishing anthologies and offering a vast catalog as a zine distributor.

Speed Zine Pal-ing

Meet new zine friends and collaborators in this speed pal-ing event! Zineworks will host Speed Zine Pal-ing at LBZF, where participants will meet multiple prospective zine pals in speed-dating fashion. This workshop is intended to promote and develop zine community and foster zine collaborations, by sharing zines with other zinesters in one convenient, friendly event. Each time the bell dings, participants will have a new zinester awaiting them!

About Zineworks
Zineworks is a collective of Southern California artists, organizers, and educators that provides community workshops and resources  for zine-making and creative self-publishing. Most often you can find Zineworks all around So Cal at print, zine and art fests, including DIY Print Fest and Coachella, hosting booths for people where people can both learn about zines and make their own.


Long Beach Zine Fest Presents The Zine Table

The Zine Table is a panel discussion on DIY, counterculture, and zine history in Long Beach and Southern California, featuring panelists who have played key roles in the local zine community. This edition will be moderated by LBZF’s own Sarah Bennett (LA Weekly, LA Record), local journalist and long-time zinester.

About the Panelists


Workshops in the Artist Studio

Cartooning for Kids and Character Design

Cartooning can be a great way to express yourself!  This workshop will focus on character design, and how to draw and create your own cartoon character– whether it’s a person, an animal, or some kind of fantasy character that doesn’t even exist yet.  We’ll also talk a little about the newspaper comic strip format, for telling shorter stories with characters. All participants will get a printed lesson to take home, to use as reference when coming up with your newest character.  Media includes pencil, paper/pre-folded zine packets, pens, and markers.

About Donna Letterese
Donna Letterese is a punny card-toonist, writer/illustrator, and educator.  She does art shows and comic-cons in both
California and New York (and sometimes, other states, too!). When she is not working on her own art (or thinking about Koalas, animals, and teddy bears) she teaches at several afterschool programs in and around Los Angeles. She also teach
teen and children’s cartooning workshops at libraries.

Simple Printmaking

Printmaking is an simple way to bring color and design to zines, prints, or just for fun. Artist Maxwell Rivas will walk participants through the process of creating simple prints using styrofoam and inks.

About Maxwell Rivas
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Maxwell Rivas is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Photography From California State University, Fullerton.

Yogurt Liberation Front Demonstration

Artist and education Lisa Tucker will demystify a simple process the agro-industrial complex desires to make inaccessible. Learn how to warm milk to the correct temperature, add yogurt culture, incubate, and eat! Also learn about the how-to zines she produces through the Yogurt Liberation Front.

About Lisa Tucker
Lisa Tucker is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and curator. She received her MFA in Studio Art from UC Irvine in 2007, where her focus was combining art, technology andscience into functional sculpture offering alternative systems of food production. Her interest in ceramics began while doing research for a project bringing scientific lab equipment into the kitchen. She fell in love with porcelain as a material while learning to throw and hand build the scientific devices. Much of her work could be termed “social sculpture” and has been shown both locally and internationally.


DIY Papermaking

In this hands on activity, participants will create pulp and pull their own sheets of paper using basic household materials. Each
participant will have the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind sheet of paper that they will be able to take home.

About Ruth Cabral
Ruth Cabral received her BFA from the University of California, Los Angeles and has exhibited and curated in the South Bay and Harbor Area, including Chatismo 101, Pastee Co., and Night Dive at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Cabral has also created public works of art in Wilmington, CA and Long Beach, CA. She has focused her career in art education and has created and instructed numerous workshops for children and adults at various public institutions. Her work focuses on the relationship of art and self-discovery and the roles traditions and cultures play on the human psyche.