bibliophiliac zines are perzines about the life of a 39 year old disabled queer Boricua librarian

City:San Jose
Type of zines:
  • Perzine

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  • Please upload up 2-5 additional images.
What are your current zines about?

Training Wheels ia about a cross country Amtrak train trip. Beer Jawn is about the craft beer movement from a feminist perspective. What Happened is about being sexually assaulted. My Left Foot is about the isolation of being in a wheelchair for six months. Gen-X Garbage is screenshots of men using racist costumes in their online dating profiles. Gen-X Garbage 2 is sexually aggressive messages men sent me during six months of online dating.

What methods do you use to make your zine?
  • Cut-and-paste
  • Photocopying
What type of binding do you use for your zine(s)?
  • Folded
  • Stapled
When did you start making zines ... and why?

I started making zines in the late 90s because I wanted to document the independent music scene as I saw it. Though I never finished that zine, I held onto the dream until I finally made my first zine after I finished college a decade later.

How do you create your zine content?

I use Microsoft Publisher to format my writing & digital photography into a booklet. I write either on my cellphone or laptop notepad, and I take photos with the camera on my cellphone.

Why do you think independent publishing is important?

Zines are an equitable way for everyone to share our stories, research, and ideas.

What is your favorite part of making zines?

My favorite part of zines is the culture. I love trading with zinesters, especially at zine fests. It's like we're destroying capitalism with every trade.